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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Talent Matters: Recruitment Tips and Team Dynamics

Talent Matters: Recruitment Tips and Team Dynamics:

As I sat in the departure lounge at Pearson in Toronto the other day, I overheard a familiar conversation between two colleagues.  One of them was venting about how they spent a great deal of time, effort and money to hire what they thought would be their next "shining star" and future organizational leader.  Apparently, their new hire, who had impressive credentials, an outstanding resume and great charisma during the interview, turned out to be a dud.

While having impressive credentials, an outstanding resume and being charismatic during the interview process are undoubtedly important factors in any hiring decision, the hiring manager also needs to consider the candidate's personality type as it relates to "fit" within the broader team.  In my experience, sometimes hiring managers become awestruck by what they believe is "the perfect candidate" because they look so good on paper and appear to be very charming during the interview process.  They become so wedded to that person that they fail to consider whether they are the right "fit" for the team or the broader organization.

In order to avoid similar hiring mistakes, here are some factors that hiring managers should consider during the recruitment process:

Appreciate/Understand Team Dynamics: Do not underestimate the importance of "fit" as it relates to a candidate fitting into the existing team, group, department or functional cultural dynamics. 

Organizational Contribution: Be careful not to set a new incumbent up to fail by setting a high bar for them to achieve too lofty a goal.  More specifically, very rarely can one person single-handedly drive a disproportionate amount of organizational value, especially when they are new to an organization and in a steep learning curve. 

There's No "I" in "Team": Collaboration is key to most organizations.  By touting someone as the end all be all will not bode well for the rest of the team. 

Allies Are Key To Success: You need to ensure the incumbent focusses on building allies not enemies.  Oh too often the new hire is focused on demonstrating the value they bring to an organization which if not managed effectively, can be at the expense of relationship building with their peer, colleagues. 
Apart from not discussing hiring decisions in airports, the morale of the story is that hiring managers need to look beyond credentials and resumes, and equally weigh personality "fit"within the team and broader organization.  This will ultimately lead to better hiring decisions with employees who are the right fit for the organization.

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