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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Not To Say On Your Resume

The following are examples of what some highly qualified applicants have included on their resumes and/or cover letters that most likely led to their de-selection from prospective employers:
  1. Exaggerated or misrepresented skills, experience and/or qualifications.
  2. Salary expectations in their career objective statement.
  3. Pointing out the fact they were terminated from a job.
  4. Fabricated business relationships.
  5. Listing political, religious or other affiliations.
  6. Including any personal information (e.g., age, marital status, etc.).
  7. Having spelling and/or grammatical errors. 
While the foregoing examples may seem rudimentary to many, it is surprising how often these seemingly "common knowledge" mistakes seep into job seekers' documentation however unintentional (or, in some cases, intentional) it may be!

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